Re: Wye on Both Ends??

Jim Zarnick

Absolutely.  But consider that the 2 wye switches and the track in the middle are a reverse loop and will need to be isolated.  If DCC , recommend you employ a DCC auto reverser  to set the polarity.  

Note you will have be careful if trains are simultaneously trying to enter and leave from both ends at the same time as the directions of travel could keep the auto reverser in constant short resolution mode.

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From: William Warren
Sent: March 5, 2021 at 2:45 PM
Subject: [w4dccqa] Wye on Both Ends??

I have a 20x18 oval semi around the wall layout. I want to cut the layout in half with a a wye on both ends to where I can divert trains off the oval to a middle section and have them re-enter the oval from the other wye from the opposite direction. Is that possible? Thanks in advance for the help and guidance


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