Re: Wiring Up a Manual Turntable?

Jerry Breon

I am also to the point where I need to select a wiring method for my Diamond Scale 120' HO turntable. I use NCE DCC and will include a DCC reverser of some description (likely a DCC Specialties OnGuard AR) for the turntable bridge track. I'm not sure that I want to rely on the ring rail for power conductivity and certainly don't want to get into the delicacy of conducting power thru the overhead arch structure. My installation is further complicated by a NYRS PTC actuator motor connected to the base of the rotating turntable bridge shaft so wires to the bridge rails will need to enter thru the side of the rotating shaft. My wiring options seem to be fabricating dual insulated wipers located on the shaft just above the NYRS motor and sending two wires up thru the drilled out shaft to the bridge rails OR foregoing the wipers and just sending two wires up thru the drilled out shaft and looping enough flexible slack beneath the turntable to allow the wires to wind up with rotation in one direction and unwind with rotation in the opposite direction. This would by far be the most simple and conductively reliable method, and I may give it a try before moving on with the more complicated wiper design. I would add that I am a lone operator and therefor can easily monitor the wind up status of the bridge wiring beneath the turntable.
Does anyone have any experience with or thoughts on this plan?
Jerry Breon
Mooresville, NC

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