Re: DCC have to be controlled by computer?

Mark Gurries wrote:

dcc doesn't have to be controlled by a computer.
True. No computer "PC" is needed.

What is called the command station is actually a computer design
specifically to run DCC and nothing else. You simply do need to know it
is a computer and simply call it by it purposeful name. Command

What is possible on some brands of DCC systems is a connection to a
common PC computer to enhance your DCC experience. Applications such as
signalling or programming complex decoders can be used. But again to
run and program your engines "decoders", you do NOT need it.

DCC does require a power supply that is DCC not DC.
I think there is some terminology confusion here.

DCC is a control system. It has nothing to do with power.

DC is a power source/supply who's voltage has a constant polarity

AC is a power source/supply who's voltage has a constantly changing

All DCC systems require some form of power supply to power them.

Some DCC systems do not come with a power supply and allow you to use
your old DC power pack to act as a TEMPORARY power supply. It is
expected that you would purchase a power supply the meets the
specification as shown in your DCC manual. Doing so otherwise will
restrict your ability to get the most out of your DCC system.

Some DCC systems do come with a power supply in the package which
simplifies your life in terms of getting up and running. Typically
these are entry level system.

The type of power supply that can be used with DCC systems can
potentially vary. Consult with your manual. However, to the best of my
knowledged, all DCC system can take advantage of both DC or a AC power
source voltages on its input. Circuits inside these system (rectifiers)
make it possible. The idea is based in the interest of giving you
maximum flexibility and cost saving in finding a suitable power supply.
It also makes the input power connection to the DCC system simple and
accident proof in terms of wire connection polarity.

By all means check out the Wiring for DCC section on beginners for more

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