Wiring Up a Manual Turntable?

Brian Eiland

What is the most simply manner to wire up Diamond Scale turntable for DCC train operations. The turntable itself will NOT be indexing, nor powered in its turning,...just simple manual rotation?


I suppose one power lead still needs to come in thru the tower on the bridge, while the other comes thru the circular track in the pit? And I assume this circular track does NOT have to be segmented as there are dual contact wheels at both ends of the bridge?


There will be 3 powered tracks coming into the turntable, and all the remaining tracks (approx 8) will be storage tracks,.... that I would wish to be dead until the bridge is selecting them.


What I thought I would do is just remember what end of the turntable bridge is pointed at ANY of the tracks,...for instance the end with the bridge house on it. Wire all the connecting tracks to be compatible with that end . Then flip a toggle switch the opposite way if that end is not aligned with the access track you are connecting to,...(double pole, double throw toggle switch should handle the two wires,...one to pit rail, one to bridge tower,...just reverse the polarity of the two bridge tracks.

The locomotive sitting on the bridge track won't care about the polarity change (in DCC mode), just like a reverser does automatically?

Is a AR auto reverser really necessary to reverse the polarity of the bridge track,...without the loco going thru a restart??


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