Re: Atlas Switches

Paul Welte


I've been using a capacitive discharge unit for 10 years and haven't had anyone burn up one of my switch machines since I started using it. It's just a fancy name for a circuit/board that sits between the switches and the solenoids and fires a quick burst of voltage when the switch is pressed. It then removes voltage and won't "fire" again until the switch is released and pressed again. You can build your own for less than $10 or buy one for under $40. One CDU will operate many solenoids so you don't have to buy/build one for each turnout.

Hope this helps!


On Tue, Feb 16, 2021 at 10:04 AM James Cunningham via <> wrote:
Hi Guys 

I’m currently using on my DCC layout Atlas turnout motors with a Atlas Snap relay and of 
course Atlas switches. is there another switch I can use the atlas slide switch has tendency
of getting stuck and burning up the motor and snap relay.  

                 Thank You 
        PS Love Your Group Great Information

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