Re: Unknown Programming Mode

Eric Osborne


The DCC controller has two boards: 1) a lower UNO board with a USB connection and a power adapter connection, and 2) an upper Motor Shield board with a single power adapter connection.  The upper board is attached to the lower board by a number of pin connections. I have tried every combination of powering up and resetting each board before connecting the USB to my laptop. No joy.  I also tried to read from the loco encoder and write to it.  Both times I got the timeout error 306. 

The LEDs on the Motor Shield did not come on the entire time which may be a clue.  I verified that power is reaching the board. The UNO board does light up when powered.

I looked for a battery back-up on each board, but did not find one so I assume the memory is cleared when powered down.

Any ideas?



On Sun, Feb 14, 2021 at 8:43 AM Jim Betz <jimbetz@...> wrote:
  Try unplugging cables to the USB (both of them), powering everything down.
power all up one at a time, connect cables to USB, launch Dpro.
                                                                                                               - Jim

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