Unknown Programming Mode

Eric Osborne

Decoder Pro is locked up displaying the YELLOW Icon. I cannot toggle the Power Icon to GREEN or RED. 

Background: Powered up Arduino DCC+ Controller, Connected USB to laptop & Opened DPro. Started WiThrottle. Start remote throttle TCS UWT-100. Selected loco 1439 Kato E-8/9 with TCS KOD8-E installed.  Travels the entire Track C loop, and up the RH side of the Track B ramp up to the bridge. Stopped when it lost power at bridge join (bridge only set in place).  Loco re-aligned back on track. Started downhill. Light non-responsive. Then Throttle non-responsive as loco continued moving.  Had to kill power at powerstrip twice to get it to stopped. Stepped away and UWT lost wifi.  Reconnected, but non-responsive. DPro Toggled to RED.  Attempted to Toggle GREEN, but resulted in YELLOW. Re-started DPro. Power Icon still YELLOW. Would not toggle GREEN. Exited DPro.  Pushed Reset on Controller board.  Open DPro. Still locked on YELLOW Icon. Exited DPro. Disconnected USB. Cycled Power. Same result.  Did Factory Reset on UWT-100. Submenu says "7 Track Power: UNKOWN." Attempted multiple laptop and power reboots, resets to no avail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Eric O.

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