Re: Yard track wiring - DCC

george hohon3

Why use a bi-color LED at all????  One color will do nicely.  When it's "on" the track is powered, and when it's "off" there is obviously no power to the track.

in San Luiis Obispo

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Subject: [w4dccqa] Yard track wiring - DCC
Hello all,
I am adding a 6 track yard to my layout and I would like to be able to individually kill the DCC voltage to each of the tracks with a simple off/on switch mounted on a panel attached to the layout fascia.

Additionally, I would like to have a two color LED (red/green) to indicate the status of the track.

I understand the simple off/on scenario but I don't know what I need to do to add/wire the LED's on the panel.

Electronics is not my thing so any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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