Re: Yard inside Reversing Loop for DCC

Steve Haas

W. J.,


The answers you’ve been given so far and exotic, technically correct, and unfortunately much more elegant that what you need to do.


Read on:


  1. Your plan shows insulators on both rails on both branches of the turnout that creates the reversing loop – the turnout directly below the word “insulators”,
  2. The insulators (gaps) on the right hand (Diverging) side of the turnout are in the correct place,
  3. The insulators on the left side of that turnout should be removed, and replaced with regular rail joiners,
  4. Move the insulators Removed in step 3  to the left end of the straight side of the turnout that provides access to the yard,
  5. Move the output side of the AR-1 from between the two turnouts to the straight track beyond the turnout to the yard and the gaps just moved there from the turnout on the right.


When done, the only track in the reversing section (red) should be the reversing loop itself, from the double gaps on the diverging route of the turnout under “Insulators” counter clockwise to the insulators at the left end of the straight side of the turnout that provided entrance to the yard.


The two switches we’ve been talking about and the short section of track between them should all be made part of the regular track (white) to the right side of the turnout under “insulators”.


The net result of all this is the two switches, the straight track between them, and the yard are all outside the jurisdiction of the reversing unit.


(The above assumes that the turnouts in question have proper frog polarity management, and any necessary insulators on the exit side of both routes beyond the turnout frogs.)


Give a holler if you have additional questions.  I’ll be glad to help!


Best regards,




Steve Haas

Snoqualmie, WA

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