Re: "Stuttering" locomotive


Check your rail joints. Soldered joints often fail, but ......

Insulated joints can become dirty from gunk trapped in them. If you ever used a track cleaner block or sand paper to clean the rails, metal filings can be trapped in the joint. Spray cleaners that improve connectivity can glue these in the joint.

Like metal joiners the simple vibration of rolling stock can cause intermittent connectivity and trip the circuit breaker.

This type of connectivity will not be detected with a bulb, it's off time is too short to be detected by the eye. A multimeter may be better, since a short will show as a 0 voltage. It will more likely show as an erratic dial movement.

I would recommend sealing these joints with epoxy or clear nail polish. This will fill in any gaps and prevent junk accumulating. Sand the rails afterward.


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