DCC and DC

Greg Harter

This letter is in response to the very good article in MR by Allan Gartner regarding DCC or DC?

Our club has been running DCC and DC on our HO layout for over ten years without any problems.  We have four mainlines and numerous crossovers (and a helix) between them.  Each mainline can run separately on either DCC or DC.  We have designed and built several small DCC/DC detector boards and connected them to the mainlines.  When a train on one mainline tries to crossover to another mainline, the detector board looks at the current on both mainlines; if they match, the crossover turnouts can be thrown and the train can negotiate the crossover.  If they do not match, throwing the switch will not  move the turnout.  We have members who run on DC and several who run on DCC.  
We had several visitors during the NMRA show in Indy a couple of years ago and they all were interested in how this works.  We also did a clinic on this effort during the show.
Keep up the good work, MR!
Greg Harter
Columbus (Indiana) Area Railroad Club

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