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Go Daddy apparently is having problems today.  My website is currently down. 


Hi Michael,


You are using terms unfamiliar to me.  I presume you are not in the US.  Welcome!


If by reverse turn and reverse turn switch, you are talking about reversing sections I have a link to reversing sections on my website.  When my website is back up, just go to it and click on Reversing at the top of the page.  You will be taken to the reversing section in the beginners page and then onto the reversing section of the track wiring page.  Tons of info!  I have also submitted a column for the April Model Railroader on reversing.


As far as powering turnouts, go to the turnouts page of my website, (sigh, when it is back up) and look up the turnout you are planning on using.


I’m not familiar with the Kato 3-way plug.


Allan Gartner

Wiring for DCC


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Is there an easy way to determine if you have a reverse turn/need a reverse turn switch?

Also, I've seen that you need power to each turnout for optimum performance.  Is that right?

How do you use a Kato 3-way plug?

Thanks for the help!


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