Re: Wireless soldering irons


IMHO the best butane soldering iron is the Portasol ProPlezo75.   The things I like about it are:
1.  The tip is very close to where you hold the iron.
2.  A single exhaust vent that is easy to avoid burning yourself with.
3.  When you put the cover on the iron is automatically off and you won't be touching the tip accidentally.

The downside of butane is that you could forget to turn it off and therefore have a hazard sitting around until it runs out of butane.

The best battery irons are the IsoTips.
1.  They have a handy light that helps you see what you are doing.
2.  They have different tips.  The heavy duty tip can handle soldering wires to rails.
3.  The tip is very close to where you hold it. 

The downsides are they have always required periodic battery replacement because they overcharge the battery.  The new ones are better but still kill the battery.  They use NiCad batteries.  You need to make sure that it is actually charging when you place it in the holder.

I still have and use one that I purchased 43 years ago.  I have extensively modified it over the years. 

1.  I limit the charge currents to 50 mA.  (this means that they are not quick charge anymore).
2.  I replaced the ni-cad  batteries with modern nimh batteries. 
3.  I installed an LED on the iron to give me an indication that current was actually flowing into the battery.

A runner up is the Hakko FX-901.   Really not powerful enough for soldering track connections but otherwise is very well made.

Best Regards,
Ken Harstine

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