Re: DCS210 programming track

Dale Gloer

The programming track only has power on it when the command station is writing a CV, otherwise it is unpowered. 

You cannot read back CV on the main track, Programming on the Main track is write only.

No locomotive detected can be caused by a few things.
Does the loco run?  If  not, it probably is an electrical contact issue in the loco.
Are the JMRI defaults correct in preferences?  Be sure the programmer is set to the Loconet connection.
Are you connections to the programming track okay?  A broken wire or something else can cause this error.
What type of decoder is in the loco?  Some can be difficult to read CVs from.  Remember that when writing a CV on the programming track , the command station expects a response, just a trying to read a CV does.

Dale Gloer

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