Wiring Programming Track


I have an NCE PowerCab. Originally I wired a totally separate (physically and electrically via DPDT switch) programming track. Due to revision to track layout and space limitations, that track segment no longer exists and the opportunity for a physically separate programming track does not exist.
Looking at the wiring diagram for the NCE Auto-Switch it is unclear how the non-mainline segment wired as the programing track is powered when not in programming mode. Is the power vectored to that segment via the wires from the programming track output from the Auto-Switch when in non-programming mode?
Or do I need to also separately wire power to this segment from the mainline outputs on the Auto-Switch in order to power this segment when in non-programming mode?

I assume the former and not the latter, but would appreciate confirmation and/or guidance.

Asked same question in NCE forum (hope doing so doesn’t violate any protocol), so apologies to any who receive this question twice (and keeping gingers crossed that I don’t receive conflicting advice).

Thanks in advance,
Bill Demarest
N&W Steam Power

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