QSI ver6 SW8 Decoder


I recently purchased a Walthers/P2K SW8 locomotive (HO scale) with a factory installed QSI ver6 SW8 decoder. My DCC system is an NCE Power Cab connected with Decoder Pro to a programming track. All went well as I made some minor changes to the programming until I did a "read all CVs". 4 CVs showed up as red: CV 1; 52.14, 52.28, and 56.10. The first 3 were cleared up by going to the appropriate page in Decoder Pro and making a change to the listed CV. However, CV 56.10 is not that easy. No where in the Decoder Pro program can I find a reference to that specific CV. The QSI manual lists it as "speed step to SMPH scale factor (PI=10)".  What does it mean to have this CV as red in Decoder Pro? If I need to change it, what do I change? I checked the groups.io website and can find no group for QSI in HO scale.

Ed Robinson

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