Re: Frustration with DCC

Bill Wilken

To diagnose your problem, eliminate as many variables as possible.
First, use your DCC system to do a complete reset of your decoders,
presumptively on a programming track. Check your documentation to
verify how to do this to each loco and your DCC system. Second, hook
up your DCC controller to a short piece of test track. If just one
loco were running away, I would suspect that something is wrong with
the decoder ... that has happened to me. But if all are running away,
it is almost certain that you are not programming the locos properly.

On Tue, 2020-09-29 at 00:53 -0700, wrote:
Locos all runaways when I programme them with Lenz LV 100 - fail to
respond to speed controls. Either express or nothing. Tried to fix
with dynamis - straight to express - any help - are all the decoders

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