Re: Auto Reverse for Kato N scale turntable

Wil Davis

I don't have any experience with the Kato TT, but have wired two Peco and a couple of old ConCor TT for a friend's layout. 

As to the track reverser I just connected the tracks leading to the TT to the normal bus.  The reverser input is from the bus and the output wires go to the turntable track feeds.

The motor can be controlled by DC through a reversing switch or by a simple DCC motor controller. I used the headlight function connected to Red and Green LEDs which shows the direction the TT is set for.  Green = CW and Red = CCW.  That is totally independent of the track wiring and reverser, but we really like it as it is easy to control the rotation speed of the Turntable and stop it manually.


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