Re: Signal Blocks

Perry A Pollino

Thanks much. 
Now that I put my eyeballs on a diagram via a YouTube video, it is much clearer to me.
I need to create a test track for myself and I will be good once I wire up my test track and get hands on.
My style of learning as I was told is "Concrete" So I learn best when I see and do, over reading and trying to apply what I read. If that makes any sense. I need pictures. I have always struggled with reading comprehension. Turns out I was a slow reader because my mind had to draw a mental picture of everything I was reading. 
I learned this in my 30's. I took a career course that included a battery of tests. 
I have not been tested for Dyslexia. Too old to care about it now but back then they suggested I get tested. 
Now if I  had known this in high school, I would probably be in a different place today. I choose school of hard knock over college or trade school because of my struggles in high school.
I work for a school now as a facilities manager, I see how schools now make "accommodations" in my day you were branded and hung out to dry. 
OK getting off my Soap Box.
So I have found your site very useful over the years. 
Thanks much for what you do.

On Monday, September 14, 2020, 11:27:30 AM CDT, wirefordcc <bigboy@...> wrote:

Hi Perry,

You can tap off your power bus and run the tapped wire through your block detector.  After coming out of your block detector you would create your signal bus.


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