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Bill Wilken


Your proposed piece on signal block wiring diagrams would be very helpful.  It's taken me a lot of digging to find documentation of this sort.   Let me suggest that you take particular care when referring to "the bus."  Below, you advise that "when you gap your track for your block, you will need to cut your bus at the same point."  But which bus?  The one for track power?  The signal bus?   While I know which bus you're referring to, the answer may not be obvious to the uninitiated.  

In the documentation you propose, it also would be helpful to offer tips on wiring issues that might not come readily to mind to the newcomer, particuarly changes that often must be made in existing layouts wiring, e.g. track power feeds.    Similarly, it would be great if you could add some very practical tips and tricks, e.g. showing how to use the same signal bus for parallel tracks.  And, then, there's the matter of integrating signaling with turnouts or interlockings, something that I'm currently wrestling with.


On Sun, 2020-09-13 at 10:53 -0700, wirefordcc wrote:

Hi Perry,


Yes, when you gap your track for your block, you will need to cut your bus at that same point. 


Let’s say you have two signal blocks that you want to make within a particular power district.  Gap your track and cut your bus at the point where you want to create two signal blocks. 


When you do this, you will likely have one section of track still connected to your electronic circuit breaker.  Snake this bus wire through the block detector.  You should now have one detected block.


For the section you cut and is now dead, Add some wire to this isolated section of bus and snake it through a block detector and attach the end of the new wire to the output of your electronic circuit breaker.  You should now have two wires attached to the output of your electronic circuit breaker and two detected blocks.


I want to write some more on block detection in the future.  I’ll need to create some diagrams, too.  I’ll keep your email around and may be back in touch when I get to doing this.


Allan Gartner

Wiring for DCC

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