Re: Signal Blocks

Perry A Pollino

I am not quite wrapping my head around how to create a block within a power district. 
I have a drop on every section of track that is attached to my buss. I did use Vampire connectors for this.  Each power district has a separate buss.
When I gap my rail for a block. do I also need to cut my buss?
sure wish I was not so isolated from other model railroaders. 
I learn best when i can put my eyeball on things.

On Sunday, September 13, 2020, 12:26:25 PM CDT, wirefordcc <bigboy@...> wrote:

Hi Perry,

You can have multiple block detectors after each of your electronic circuit breakers.  I am doing this very thing on my railroad.  Your power district does not need to match your signal block.  That would be expensive!

Just don't try to have several power districts going through a particular block detector.


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