Power Districts & Safety Curcuit Breakers

Brian Eiland

I have a wireless NCE system I intend to install on my 11'x15' double deck HO layout. I don't imagine I will be running any more than 4-5 trains at anyone time, and likely it will only be 2 most of the time. There will likely be some double-headers, or even some push-pull.

With the 5amp power supply most recommended by NCE I don't think I will need additional boosters?

But I do think I need to divide the layout up into 'power districts'. And I believe I understand these districts should be protected from accidental shorting...or rather the DCC system should be protected from shorting within the districts??

Doesn't the NCE system have internal protection against shorts?

Is it really necessary to have an elaborate and/or expensive additional shorting system??

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