Re: Block detection/wheel set resistors

Bill Wilken

You've given me an idea.  Before testing again, I will remove every car/loco off the track.  

On Wed, 2020-09-02 at 11:21 -0700, Brent Johnson via wrote:

I am building a large layout that I am blocking for future CTC signaling. I know that it’s recommended to place resistors on wheels of freight cars to help detect the entire train and not just the engine or lighted cars. 

My first concern is that If many of the freight cars have resistors, wouldn’t the block show occupied if they are spotted on industrial spurs off the main or passing tracks? Obviously one way to get around this would be to isolate every spur from the detected block but that would be a lot of additional work.

To avoid the unwanted detection on spurs, could I get by with just placing resistors on the caboose so the front and rear of train has detection and not worry about additional freight cars being detected? Would that alone be sufficient to detect a train in a particular block?

Brent Johnson

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