Re: Converting from DC to DCC with selectable power

Greg Harter

Our club (Columbus Area Railroad Club) in Indiana, operates a large HO layout with both DC and DCC.  We have several mainlines, with crossovers, and each mainline can separately run either DC or DCC.  If two mainlines with a crossover are operating on the same power source, the crossovers with work.  If one mainline is on DC and the other on DCC, the crossovers will not operate.  

If both mainlines are on the same power source, and the crossover is activated, and then one of the mainlines is switched to the other power source, the crossover (automatically) reverses back to mainline operation only.  We presented a clinic on this at the Indy Convention a couple of years ago.  We have never had a problem with this operation.

Greg Harter
Columbus Area Railroad Club

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