Re: Converting from DC to DCC with selectable power

Richard Sutcliffe

As long as you have only one system active at a time you will be fine.
That means the whole layout has DCC selected, or the whole layout is connected to DC.
Make sure the Master Switch is a DPDT Center Off, or is a “break before make” type.
Then the common rail is OK.

On Aug 4, 2020, at 6:41 PM, taylor102195@... wrote:

Am "converting" DC to DCC with selectable power using a DPDT to switch between DC or DCC on a small 4'x8' table layout.  The guides i have read say do not use typical DC common rail wiring with DCC.  If i am isolating the DC from DCC source do i need to do anything special with the existing common rail wire given the small size of the layout?

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