Wiring For DCC Website Update


I've been busy adding a number of things to my website and more to come soon.  These are accessible in the "What's New" section at:  http://www.wiringfordcc.com/wirefordcc_toc.htm#a1

I have also added a new section to my website called, "First Looks", to capture my initial experiences with products new to me as I build my new layout.  The objective is to capture interesting features of the product you might be interested in or things I discovered that I thought might be useful to you.   These are accessible just below the above link for "What's New".

Some of the new topics on my website are:
- Demonstration of resistance soldering.  (This is my first attempt at making a video.  As a result, I have a new microphone and an overhead camera mount on order and will remake this video.)
- Source of cell phone speakers
- Wiring programming track using NCE Power Cab and Auto Switch.  Thanks to Jim Exler for providing the drawings!
- Using Frog Juicers with block detection.
- Using a Decoder Buddy Mini with a 21 pin sound decoder.

Products in the new "First Looks" Section:
- NCE Light-It universal lighting and signal decoder
- NCE Switch8-MK2 (for slow motion switch machines) and Button Board
- NCE EB1 v1.1 electronic circuit breaker with lower initial trip point of 1.5A (new product)
- NCE AR10 auto reverser and circuit breaker (new product)
Allan Gartner
Wiring for DCC

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