Re: PECO 3-way switch

Bruce McDonald <bigmacduck53@...>

Forgot to mention but PECO have online data sheets covering their products for easy reference . 

On 5 Jun 2020, at 2:10 pm, Bruce McDonald via <bigmacduck53@...> wrote:

The PECO electro frog paint has a metal frog whilst insulators are plastic. Easy way to tell is EF the s silver in colour matching the rails at the “ V” junction whilst the IF is dark brown . 
Be aware if EF, you will need to use insulated rail joiners on the adjoining 2 closest rails after the track separates @ the point. 

On 5 Jun 2020, at 1:52 pm, J D Parr <jdpandhdp@...> wrote:

Years ago I purchased a PECO 3-way switch (turnout). The original packaging probably a description and wiring diagram but that is long gone. I have no idea if it is an electrofrog or an insulfrog. How can I tell the difference so I can wire it the correct way?


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