Re: Help with wiring a reverse loop

Nick Nelson

I have the layout fully wired finally, and it seems like it is working for the most part but want to make sure what i am hearing and seeing is normal.  I am running a Digitrax Chief, with an old Zephry booster and using a PM42 as my auto reverser.  For 90% of the layout things are running find it seems, but in the auto reversing section, i seem to be shorting out at 2 of the three turnouts.  The shorts seem to be quick and self correcting, so i assume that is what the auto reverser is suppose to do.  I hear a quick beep, from my control system and then the train restarts.  i have not placed a large train on the layout yet, mostly just the engine and 2-3 cars.  This happens with both just the engine as well as when the cars are on.  I do have one more thing going on somewhere else but have not pinpointed it yet, as it has only happened once or twice on a double crossover.  Thanks for the help so far.  If someone needs to see my layout again, these two shorts occur at the top and bottom turnout in the oval that is broken off at the wye.  If what i am experiencing is correct, cool, i just wanted to make sure, as i am a wiring novice at best still.

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