Battery Saver

Wil Davis

I hope this is not too far off topic. I recently received a gift of a bunch of HO Trains. One item puzzled me. It is by Loy’s Toys Caleb a battery saver.  I can’t find out how to upload a picture so will try to create a Battery Saver album. It is a small box which has two unmarked terminals on one end which I presume are to attach a power supply. There are 4 RJ12 type plugs on top and 4 LEDs. Three red and 1 green. I presume one would connect power to the end and plug in throttle cables to charge the batteries. I am convinced it is for Digitrax as I know they consume batteries like a hungry dog!  I tried googling it, but all I found were some listing for other Loy’s Toys products for sale. I know he closed the business years ago. Can someone tell me if my assumption is correct. I have a friend who uses Digitrax and he has trouble maintaining power in his cabs. I would like to be able to tell him what it does without guessing😊.  I have no use for it as I use NCE and get reasonable battery life  p


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