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Ken the opposite phasing of DCC (while not as serious as the opposing polarity of DC) remains a problem, but is readily solved by wiring your feeders to the helix through an AutoReverse (AR) switch — a bit of magical circuitry that senses the short circuit created as the metal wheels of your loco cross the gap you will have at either end of the reversing segment and automatically switches the DCC phasing to eliminate the short before your in-line circuit breaker trips.  Very neat!  Be sure the length of the AR switched (or protected) track segment is as long as the longest train you plan to run (assuming metal wheels on your cars) and do not wire two AR segments adjacent to one another or they will with themselves until they melt down (at least figuratively). 
Bill Demarest

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Hi Ken,

I didn't see the polarity reversal.  If you have one in your helix than you will likely need an auto reversing section, which could be in your helix, and an auto reversing unit.  

Allan Gartner

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