Re: BLI Blue Line 2-10-4-Can Keep Alive be added to the blue-line sound system?

Craig Zeni

For the effort of figuring out the sound board, I'd be inclined to gut the thing and fit a new sound decoder that natively supports a keep alive. It will run better and will sound much better with current sound technology.

Craig Zeni
Cary NC

On Apr 28, 2020, at 9:44 AM, George Galyon via wrote:

Thanks Steve for the response. I am familiar with the optus doesn't show the particular KA installation I need for the BLI blue line 2-10-4 sound decoder. I am currently holed up (Corona) away from my home (and workshop) but I will post a photo of my installation problem when I return. The Blue Line 2-10-4 has two is sound and the other is the motor. The motor KA install was easy (plug and play). The sound circuitry has a big electrolytic cap on it already which is supposed to "hold up" the sound system but it's not nearly I tried to hook up a KA in parallel with the big go. The KA has additional components on it (cap/resistor) whereas the big electrolytic cap does not.. So I will have to figure out the sound board wiring I guess. Thanks again.

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