Re: Double pole switch of Single pole?

John Bishop

Based on advice from others, I have used a double throw. Don't forget you need an isolating section before the programming track, that has power turned off when you have the programming track on.  This prevents a loco from connecting the programming track to the other tracks, which would fry the DCC.  

I used this circuit.

On Monday, April 27, 2020, 01:05:09 PM PDT, monty cunningham <lamont7777@...> wrote:

I have wired a decoder to the motor on the turntable.  It has an assigned address and I control it like it were a locomotive.  The decoder/turntable is wired directly to the wiring harness that the roundhouse complex is wired to.  I would like to make roundhouse track a programming track.  To keep from programming the turntable decoder would I have disconnect both wires using a double pole or could just disconnect one wire using single pole switch?

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