Re: Dual gauge wiring for DCC

Jan Frelin <jan.frelin@...>

Greg, have you seen Tillig products? They seem close to what you want. (H0e
= H0n30).

At 16:16 2005-06-10 +0000, Greg Codori wrote:

--- In WiringForDCC@..., "wirefordcc" <wire4dcc_admin@c...>

I'm pretty well caught up with things, so I'll try to add material on
dual gauge wiring this summer.

I will go visit a layout with dual gauge track and see what was done
or should have been done. Then I will make some drawings as needed.

What brand of turnouts are you using?

I haven't decided what brand to use, but most likely will either hand
lay or use a peco switch (n scale) and build a HO/HOn30 switch out of
it. My intention was to have the standard gauge continue straight and
have the HOn30 deviate off to the left. I thought an easy solution was
to use a left hand switch (n scale) and add the standard gauge track to

Does that make much sense?



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