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Responses to your 3 questions:

1.  "Are juicers better than the AR modules I bought?"  You say potAto, I say PotAHto.  Everyone has preferences, and I certainly am not in a position to say one is better than the other.  I picked Tam Valley stuff because I was starting from scratch and wanted components I knew would work together, including their system for controlling turnouts that I felt had distinct advantages -- particularly their fascia -mounted switches with integral LED lights for direction.  Fact that relative timing of juicer and circuit breaker work together favored using both together.  

2.   "Is the TM circuit breaker separate from the juicer?"   Absolutely.  And the circuit breaker operates on a timer that is coordinated with (and intentionally slower) than reaction time of the TM juicer.  There are other circuit breakers out there that will do the same thing.  Most likely one made by  the manufacture of your AR switches could be made to work.  But a circuit breaker is critical.  It will protect all your track segments within the protected block (if you have more than one block, you'll want separate circuit breakers for each block) and performs a different function from your AR switches.

3.   "Would the TM  circuit breaker work with my Digitrax ARs the same as with your juicer?"  I believe so; issue is merely one of relative timing.  I would contact Duncan McRee at TV (dmcree@...) with that question,  

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On Monday, April 13, 2020, 02:59:41 PM EDT, Pete via <kayakerpc@...> wrote:

I just bought and installed two Digitrax BXPA1 AR modules.  I dont know anything about juicers, I'll have to do some research.
Are juicers better than the AR modules I bought?
Is the TM circuit breaker seperate from the juicer?
Would the TM  circuit breaker work with my Digitrax ARs tha same as with your juicer?
Thanks for your help,

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