Re: Auto Reverse Question


I'm using Tam Valley frog juicers as AR (Hex Juicer handles up to 3 AR sections).  I use the TM circuit breaker because it is "slower" than the ARs so they detect the short and switch cycles/polarity quicker than the circuit breaker can trip.  
I understand a common problem is circuit breakers that trip faster than the AR.  Not good.  Some Circuit breakers can have timing adjusted but that is beyond my plug-and-play ken.  

On Monday, April 13, 2020, 12:02:40 PM EDT, Pete via <kayakerpc@...> wrote:

Thanks Bill, like your summary. 
I did all the steps you mention for my ARs with the exception of the "separate circuit breaker between the AR and your power supply & controller".
My layout is HO and I have two AR sections.
What circuit breakers do you recommend?
Are there any other places I should have circuit breakers?

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