Re: Help with wiring a reverse loop


Hi Nick,

Unless I missed something, the problem isn't the loop; it is the wye.  You have a couple of simple options.

1.  Make the loop and most of the wye, part of your auto reverse section. The turnout on the right would not be part of the auto reverse section.

2.  You could use a relay attached to the turnout on the right of the wye that will reverse the polarity of the rest of the reverse section.

See my website at:  Wye diagram "B" is the closest one to your situation.  I show the two tracks going into the wye as green/blue can be shorter to the point that only the turnout in green/blue needs to be not reversing.  The part shown in red/black would be your reversing section.

Allan Gartner
Wiring For DCC

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