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I am fairly new at this DCC wiring and certainly am not an electronics expert.  But I’ve read a lot and learned even more from this group.  

From what I understand you can wire the AR segment with more than one entrance as long as the entrances are from segments that is not themselves wired for AR.  (Two AR segments back-to-back will fight one another.).  

Segment your power bus with a branch to serve the AR track segment.  Put your AR switch in line on the power bus branch, up-stream from your track feeders for that segment.  Then wire the track feeders normally and your AR will work whichever way a train enters.  

Be sure to have a separate circuit breaker between the AR and your power supply & controller.  

Use insulating connectors at both ends of the AR segment (and at any other point of connection to an adjacent non-AR segment). 

Please, anyone, if I’ve got that wrong, correct me.  No hard feelings here.   Trying to be helpful but testing limits of my knowledge too. 

Bill Demarest

On Apr 12, 2020, at 9:26 PM, Nick Nelson via <nnelson97@...> wrote:

I am wiring an area of my layout that has an interior loop with multiple entrances.  This loop may need to be reversed depending on the direction in which a train enters it.  I have seen several diagrams showing a single entrance but not one for two.  Is this possible is the first question, and if so, where do i connect my auto reverser or revesers to it.  I am using a digitrax system.  If i could upload a diagram i would.

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