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Mark Gurries

A twisted cable is defined as pair of wires twisted together with each other AND carrying the same signal/power/current going out and back.

Twisting random wires together that have nothing to do with each other will potentially create problems because the noise in one wire will become coupled to the other wire. -Or- Two signal that have nothing to do with each will interfere with one another.

Hence a cable with multiple wires that have different purposes but collectively contain in a single multiwire cable where they all follow one big twist together does NOT qualify as a twisted cable.

On Mar 23, 2020, at 5:54 PM, Carl <carl.blum@...> wrote:

Hello Charles:

These are not communication cables, just industrial control cables. They are cool the way they are arranged: a green/yellow ground in the center and then numbered wires starting at "1" radiating around the ground. So with ground there are 7, 13, 37 conductors. Some cables have place holding fillers to stack nicely. I think the whole cable does twist, but very slowly, perhaps one turn every 2 meters.


On 3/23/2020 3:57 PM, Charles Brumbelow via Groups.Io wrote:
Your industrial cables may already be twisted. CAT 5 Ethernet cable uses twisted pairs inside the plastic jacket, for example. 


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Hi Gang:

Here is a question about twisting the bus wires. Would it work to twist the wires after they are installed? Like a tourniquet, put a stick at the mid point and start twisting. Like this:


Sure one side would be clockwise and the other counter clock wise. I think the telephone company did flip their wires every ten poles or so.

I didn't twist anything and the layout runs OK. But if I had problems this might help. ( For me it would be hard, I used 10 conductor industrial cables )

I did add a snubber to Ruth Mountain, the longest wire run.

Thanks, Carl.

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