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I shouldn't laugh when people trip and fall down when they aren't watching where they're going, but I do.  I do the same thing when someone buys something for their railroad that will do "A" and then they try to make it do "A+1" and when it doesn't, they run back to the manufacturer or web sites like this one and ask for answers and fixes, or just to make complaints that the product "A" is crappie.

I know I shouldn't be laughing at you, but when you exceed the performance standard of the device, it's your fault and I do laugh.  And it seems like I'm laughing more than usual lately.


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"Sounds like people here like to make things complicated."

No, people here give a lot of their time and put in a lot of effort to solve problems others encounter. The "I do not have this problem so it must be a myth" school of thought may work for you now, but if you make changes to your railway in the future and encounter strange behaviour (you may or may not) have a look back here.

The extremely cheap and simple electronic devices called snubbers (google "dcc snubbers" if you ever get interested, and you'll probably find Mark Gurries' topic on his invaluable site listed first) ensure that the digital signal put out by the command station or booster does not get damaged by incorrect (dcc bus) line termination, which an open end unfortunately invariably is. The longer the bus run, the more likely complications arise. Feel free to ignore. But being disparaging isn't helpful to anyone.


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No one has explained what snubbers are since this thread started.
Looks like I don't need them since my layout runs perfectly without them.
Sounds like people here like to make things complicated.
I run a double level layout with 28" high helix on DCC equipped KATO Unitrack with MRC Advanced Squared2 power. I usually run 3 to 5 engines at a time with no problems.
Jerry Kramer
Willamette Regional Railway

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