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Of course this group makes things complicated. That’s part of the fun of the hobby. Always another issue/problem to be challenged by. And solve/address. Hence complications. Snubbers seem to fall into the category of a solution to a particular problem (very long power bus runs) that have been seized upon in situations where they aren’t required. Leading to lots of complications as other considerations (e.g., location of block detectors, etc.) must be taken into account.

Sounds like your adherence to KISS has been the right answer. I hope I can achieve running results as successful as those of the Willamette Regional Railroad. I too avoid snubbers as unnecessary for my layout.

Bill D

On Mar 18, 2020, at 10:15 AM, Jerry Kramer <> wrote:

No one has explained what snubbers are since this thread started.
Looks like I don't need them since my layout runs perfectly without them.
Sounds like people here like to make things complicated.
I run a double level layout with 28" high helix on DCC equipped KATO Unitrack with MRC Advanced Squared2 power. I usually run 3 to 5 engines at a time with no problems.
Jerry Kramer
Willamette Regional Railway

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