Re: Non-terminal snubbers


Of course Allan.  
Bill Demarest
Gainesville, Va. 

Neighbor of Marty McGuirk.  😃. Small world.  

On Mar 16, 2020, at 4:12 PM, wirefordcc <bigboy@...> wrote:

Hi Bill,

1.  With wires no longer than about 12 feet, you should be okay without snubbers.
2.  You should be able to twist sub bus wires downstream from the Hex Juicer.  For more "juicy" information on Juicers with block detection, see my block detection webpage.
3.  The reason for not twisting sub buses is for avoiding false occupancy indications if you were using block detectors.

I am now writing for MR.  Can I use your questions?  If so, please send me your city and state.  Thanks!

Allan Gartner
Wiring for DCC

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