Re: Electrical Code for Train Layouts

PennsyNut <pennsynut@...>

The identifying of wires is not all the difficult. You could use pieces of straw. Cut 1" long, slice it and place it over each end of a wire. If you don't think that will "last", put a piece of scotch tape on it. You can get straws at almost every fast food place. Different colors. And if you are there buying something, and grab a few straws and stick them in your pocket, they won't say anything as long as you aren't grabbing a bag full. If a typical Subway straw is 7" long, you get 7 pieces 1" long and you only need two - one at each end of the wire. And you can get straws in different colors or in different sizes. Even stirring sticks have holes through them - but may not be large enough for some wires. This is my frugal way of doing things. And if you are putting these on the ends of the wires, you may not even want to slice them, put them over the wire the same way you put shrink on. The use of shrink wrap is a great way, but does cost. My way is free. LOL Morgan Bilbo, about one year with very basic DCC

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