Re: Electrical Code for Train Layouts


Please do not attempt to wire anything rated 120v. Or higher! More house fires and accidental electrocutions have occurred because a well meaning homeowner (layout owner) thought they were doing things right and resulted in serious consequences. Just because" it worked all of this time " doesn't mean you did it in a safe manner. 

I too have seen live,  unguarded 120v circuits under layouts and mentioned it to the person in charge.  Most times they say something like" I'm the only one that goes under there," Or "I'll look at it when I get a chance". Both mean to me that nothing will change for safety sake. 

Sorry four my ranting but if don't say something,  somethings might get hurt or worse.    At least consult a licensed electrician for advice.
JB    Connecticut Master electrician- 35 years

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