Re: Electrical Code for Train Layouts

Jerry Michels

Carl wrote: That said, I have seen bare 120volt terminals under layouts on tour. I think they was OK, there was a  label: "Danger, do not touch."  Also one where the 120volt lighting circuits looked just like the track wires, you just had to follow them to check what they were connected to.   

It is pretty foolish to have exposed 120v to begin with.  Having no labeling/signage is simply ridiculous! As I have mentioned  before, we use extension cords for our wiring, all male and female plugs removed so there can be no doubt that they are not regular extension cords.  We use orange extension cords in conduit and boxes for 120v.   Orange does not occur on the layout unless it is 120v.  In addition the cords originate in a sealed box, are labeled, and at the source we have signs. We also take a lot of precautions so that no visitors have an opportunity of "poke" around in our wiring.  Visitors can't even gain access to our control area unless escorted by a member. To encounter 120v, a person would have to open a box or undo conduit connections and ignore warning signs, i. e. been born in the shallow end of the gene pool.

Jerry Michels
Amarillo Railroad Museum

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