Re: Differentiating bus wires?

Greg Harter

Re:  Twisting bus wires--

We have a large HO layout built mostly with 4x8' tables; track bus runs between the tables with 12 conductor nylon connectors.  Each connector socket contains two pair of 12 gauge track bus and 8 other, smaller gauge wires for Tortoise power, 12V and 1.5V accessory bus pairs.  Between the sockets for each table (male and female) run the wires.  The two sets of track bus are twisted pairs, right next to each other.  We have terminators at the end of each track bus run.  We have never had a problem with the system (NCE).  We routinely switch between DC and DCC on the four mainlines.

The track bus is twisted 8 turns per 8' table--each pair is twisted in the opposite direction so it doesn't bind up.  Two mainlines upper, two mainlines lower, helix between--it works pretty well!

Greg Harter
Columbus (Indiana) Area Railroad Club

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