Re: Differentiating bus wires?

John Melvin


I've been using a Brother tape printer for years. I use black ink and 3/8" white tape. I print a wire number, function or accessory name on about 2-4 inches of tape and wrap it around the wire at both ends and a couple in the wire run depending on length.

El Paso

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I have some nice heavy (14 gauge) wire that I’m using for bus wires.  The current plan is that the HO standard gauge will be DCC, while the HOn30 narrow gauge will, at least for now, be DC only.  Does anyone have any good/clever ideas how to mark the DC-only wires?  My layout is not so big that I’m likely to confuse them, -but- I don’t want to have a temporary Senior Moment when trying to work out a wiring problem down the line.

Thanks in advance!


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