Re: Differentiating bus wires?

Mark Cartwright <marcdecapri@...>


My Kato Colors have kept me in trust; even If I begin to hand lay my track; which may cause me to loose my mind.
White with a Blue Stripe 
Blue with a White Stripe.

I bought 250 feet of each 12 gauge copper stranded wire on eBay.
Then not wanting to cut that purchase..(I don't like to splice)
I bought 25 foot and 100 lengths as well.
For other things such as lighting - Yellow and Green
For general use 12 volt drop lines...Red and Black.
Then as necessary for alternative wiring such as for Animation - Think Halloween in Orange and Black.
I have been known to run Purple and Pink as well or Pink and Black and white as in Good N Plenty aka 3 wire applications DPDT.
I generally use the color brown as an Earth Ground (Brown is the Color of Dirt)
Or Green as in NEC Code but in general always 8 gauge or larger. (Green Foliage on top of the Brown Earth)
White is always my Common (not earth) ground.
Not always a wise thing to get Common confused with Earth.
NEVER RED as I once found on my 1959 House in San Jose !
> In some sort of weird common wire between two 110 circuits.
Plug in a source with more than one plug such as a Record Player and it's amplifier and oops..You just made a 220 circuit.
Yet This wire configuration had been approved by City Inspectors.
Houses in my neighborhood were catching on fire from confused wiring.
Red by Code is used by Fire Systems today.

I try not to run different wires through the same hole in cars, houses or layouts. And try to run them separately by at least 6 inches.
So I don't run Security Wiring through the same holes as Electrical. 

I always hand twist it and refrain from getting into any discussions which says this is not necessary.
Bad Luck
Twisted Wire Charms are an amulet from Ireland, as I understand, and are a basis for the Lucky Charms Cereal.
Twisted (Wire) Lucky Charms are as good a reason as any, I suppose.
And a Coat of Many Colors to my wires can't be a bad idea either.

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