Running Twisted Buss Wire (near) directly under the tracks ?

Mark Cartwright <marcdecapri@...>

The area I am modeling - Northern California - has built up Levees and Berms; often above the known flood planes at 2-4 feet or higher above the surrounding ground level.
Yes, the color and type of ballast may change every few yards and so does the surrounding earth, yet the Track Altitude remains basically the same.
However, The maximum or standard grade for the entire area today is 1.5%.  So even in more mountainous areas wide and deep cuts have been made into the earth.

As I was creating such a LeVee-Berm, I began to consider simply running The Twisted Pair 12 Gauge Stranded Dual Color Coded Copper buss wire in the area/trough created.

The area in question, may one day reach over two adjacent rooms, in a total given area of 25 x 40+ feet.
So yes a large layout.
This more than likely will one day connect to a second shelf layout which runs through the rest of my house and has a track distance of nearly 300 feet.

Any issues with electrical interference ?
> If I was to run the twisted pair say an inch or so under the N Scale Track.
I am running mostly LokSound Sound Decoders with an ESU ECoS.

I am prepared to do this as necessary:
Above the built up ground, the Railroads here (except the Western Pacific) ran higher and wider paths of hard earth, even above the levees. I call these Berms.
For N Scale...HO Truscale Wood is just about perfect.
I use them or similarly cut wood, screwed down over the higher levees of raised earth.
This create a space or trough to which to lay the Twisted Pair.
The N Scale Track is applied to these higher wood (tru-scale) pieces, approximately 30 inch soldered sections, each with their own drop down lead to the buss.
These Berms/Tru Scale Woods are screwed down to the Levees or higher areas, and are easily lifted for later maintenance.

I am also considering this location for I plan on running all sorts of electrical controlled devices and lights on my layout, and want all electirical wiring to be at least 6 inches from each other.
Not loomed though the same hole.

For now...I have not set up Power Districts, Circuit Breakers or Additional Boosters.
The ECoS system uses a different set of rules I suspect from other DCC Controllers, and with their ESU Sniffer; I believe I can set up multiple ESU ECoS Controllers as Booster Stations.
That however will be in the future.
For now I am just trying to get 99% of my fleet to run glitch, derailment and decoder-reset free.

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