Re: Differentiating bus wires?

Arthur Hammeke

Could also use a label maker

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Hi Dave,

I urge you to do this. It will make your life much easier, especially when you are under your layout with bad lighting. The easiest way is to use wires with a different color insulation. If that is not feasible, or you have hundreds of feet with the same color insulation, at Harbor Freight they have colored tape that you can wrap every couple of feet to differentiate the wires. I would suggest that every wire have a different color, regardless oof use. It just makes trouble shooting and wire tracing so much easier.


Mike G.

On 3/5/2020 12:19 PM, Dave Emery via Groups.Io wrote:
I have some nice heavy (14 gauge) wire that I’m using for bus wires.  The current plan is that the HO standard gauge will be DCC, while the HOn30 narrow gauge will, at least for now, be DC only.  Does anyone have any good/clever ideas how to mark the DC-only wires?  My layout is not so big that I’m likely to confuse them, -but- I don’t want to have a temporary Senior Moment when trying to work out a wiring problem down the line.

Thanks in advance!


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