Re: Resistance Leak from Fast Track turnouts

Vincent Ficca

Hi All:

What I have found out building Fast Track turnout over time, is to cut a slot on the bottom of each PC tie after the turnout is made.  So their is no possible way for the current to flow to the other rail.


On Mon, Mar 2, 2020 at 3:57 PM David Heine <dheineww4@...> wrote:
A wire from an actuator (tortise, servo, etc.) through a hole in a throw bar made from PC board, could touch foils on both sides. I build my turnouts in place and only use PC tie material for the throw bar. I normally have the actuator hole in the middle of the throw bar. I cut the top foil on both sides of the actuator hole and the bottom foil in one place. The only low current short issue I had is if I recently ballasted and it is still damp. One the ballast is completely dry, I have no problems.

Dave Heine

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